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Advertising Application

ZhuoXing advertising industry CNC cutting machine is mainly for the post-processing of the advertising industry, providing the integrated intelligent cutting solution with high-performance, high-speed and high-quality. It can provide quickly working by full cut, half cut, boring, punching, crease, marking,identify contour cutting and other processes. It solves the problem of cutting special-shaped drawings, and fill the production target of small batches, multiple orders and multiple styles. The equipment is equipped with high-precision CCD positioning and cutting function. It can easily finish the various flexible material cutting works, produce the high quality advertising products with a faster, more stable and more accurate model. Minimize cutting costs. improving cutting efficiency and maintain a high level of competition in the industry.


Applicable materials: Acrylic, PVC, KT board, inkjet cloth, stickers, light box, Chevron board, cardboard, corrugated paper, honeycomb paper and other advertising materials.

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Advertising Application


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